You are invited to call in, select an opera company from the menu and connect live to an usher, someone who is involved with that opera, they may be a singer, a designer, a dramaturg, a trainee, a composer, an administrator, a make-up artist and so on. They will introduce you to their production and guide you through the recorded material in our call centre. Callers will then be able to make further choices – hear more from that opera or bounce off round Europe to other productions.

There are a variety of languages on offer as you would imagine. If you are calling our Norwegian number, you will hear the choices in Norwegian and English, if you are calling in Spain you will get Spanish and English and so on. Wherever you want to connect to choose the number local to you and you will be able to choose to join any of our productions from there. English is available throughout.

A call to This Evening’s Performance promises unexpected conversations and exciting encounters with opera.


7:30pm to 9:30pm CET/ 6:30pm to 8:30pm BST

Sunday 31st May  |   Tuesday 2nd June   |   Friday 12th June

NORWAY  +47 56 99 99 58

NETHERLANDS +31 (0)20 -7168 434

UK + 44 (0) 207 741 0077

SWITZERLAND + 41 (0) 445 800 526

BELGIUM +32 (0) 240 19133

GERMANY +49 202 7169 9414

SPAIN +34 914 146 601

SWEDEN   +46 (0) 850 662 774

FINLAND + 358 923 195 616

DENMARK +45 787 237 03

AUSTRIA +43 720 022 865

POLAND +48 221 530 708

FRANCE  +33 (0) 170 759 181

IRELAND  +353 (0) 144 7529

ITALY   + 39 (0) 236 049 224

Dialling in costs the same as any local call you make, as long as you use your national number.
If you’re in the UK – call our UK number, if you’re in Norway call our Norwegian one etc.
Also if you have call minutes in your phone contract this will be included in those minutes.

All the numbers connect you to our call centre so you can travel all over Europe by phone on a local call.

Muziektheater Transparant &
Opera Ballet Vlaanderen

Grand Théâtre de Genève

The Airport Society &
Opera Ballet Vlaanderen

Bergen National Opera

Dutch National Opera presented
by The Holland Festival

Garsington Opera

Staatsoper Hannover presented by
The Holland Festival

Teatro Real Madrid

Wuppertaler Bühnen